Leadership Activities Planned… Get Ready to Win!



ARMA International Education Foundation Fund Raiser


Members of the Greater Dayton Chapter have arranged for a fun night of Texas Hold’em, Black Jack, Roulette, and Beat the Dealer.  Now before you say you don’t have any gambling experience –we want you to think a minute.  Have you ever played bingo, solitaire, or even Monopoly, then along with having a good time – you have all the experience you need.   

Here’s how it will work.  For every $5 donation you will be provided with $30’s of play money and one raffle ticket. At the end of the evening   everyone will cash out.  Additional raffle tickets will be given in exchange for any monies won. I promise you the Arrangements Committee is working hard and there will be some VERY NICE prizes raffled off.   (Please note you must be present to win.)

Additionally, to help further alleviate any other gambling misgivings you might have, before the games begin there will be instructions by the dealers.  The Leadership Arrangements Committee only asks that you come prepared to have a good time. 

REMEMBER, all proceeds will be donated to the ARMA International Education Foundation.


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