October Chapter Meeting

By: Tina Ratcliff, Records & Infomation Manager, Montgomery County/ Greater Dayton Chapter Member

Our October chapter meeting was held at the City of Moraine Administration Building.  After a catered dinner, the chapter members engaged in a lively panel discussion about Scanning v. Microfilming.  Zandy Hood of Endicott Microfilm and Gary Maxton of the Microchart Company talked about their years of experience with microfilm and the resilience and dependability of the format.  Our guest panelist DeeAdra Roach, Chief Deputy for Eric Sears, Greene County Recorder, described her office’s use of both microfilm and scanning to preserve and protect Greene County records.  Other chapter members talked of their experience with both electronic and microfilmed records and what they thought the future of recordkeeping would be.  After some cheerful arguing back and forth, the consensus was that while the ease of access to electronic records could not be denied, for long-term preservation of vital, historic records, microfilm is still the way to go.



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