The 21st Century Retention Schedule- ARMA Greater Cincinnati Chapter

December 13, 2016- Greater Cincinnati Chapter Meeting

The times they are a’changin’ and with them, retention schedules and everything about them are changing.  A retention schedule that would have been industry standard 15 or 20 years ago may well be un-implementable in today’s information environment.  The record system it was designed for doesn’t exist anymore, and the technology it depended upon for implementation is rapidly becoming obsolete.  Today’s sprawling IT systems and big data environments require a completely different approach, from initial risk assessment and risk management analysis to development of the schedule itself through implementation.

This session will examine this new environment and what you need to do to create a retention schedule that’s responsive to this new environment.  Attendees will learn about:

– Key differences between a traditional retention schedule and one responsive to new realities
– New issues such as privacy and data loss prevention that create additional issues
– The new risk management calculus that necessarily must be taken into account

Speaker’s Bio:
John Montana, JD, FAI

Mr. Montaña has long been considered the go-to attorney on all domestic and global records and information management (RIM) issues. His reputation and standing within the RIM community is unsurpassed. He is a highly sought-after speaker and has spent many years on the lecture circuit as well as many hours producing books, articles, white papers and podcasts on a variety of important RIM topics. He was recently elected as a Company of Fellows ARMA International member, was a sitting panelist on the GARP (Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles) development committee and continues to be thoroughly involved in consulting projects with Montaña & Associates.

$15 members $20 nonmembers $10 students

Location:  Cincinnati Insurance Company, 6200 S. Gilmore Rd, Fairfield OH
Directions:  North 75 to West 275 to Fairfield/Forest Park exit 39, pass Cincinnati Mall, Cincinnati Insurance Company is on same side as mall.
Registration: 11:15 -11:30
Lunch: 11:30 – Noon
Presentation: Noon -1:00 – 1:30

Register via email to Denise Witzgall by Friday, Dec 9th.

Note:  If you register and need to cancel, please do so by Monday, Dec 12th.  If you do not cancel by that date, you are responsible for the meeting fee to cover the lunch order.

The board will meet immediately following the presentation and all members are welcome to attend.

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